Location. Location. Location.

The neighborhoods where the children live who participate in their school’s lunch program are identified with help from school leaders and district officials. Lunch locations are then established so no child has to walk more than a couple of blocks to eat. Moving a distribution site only a block or two can result in doubling the number of children fed.

It Takes a Village.

Twigs has no staff and no promotional budget. Demand has grown word-of-mouth driven by the conversations and inspired action of volunteers who work year-round to secure, store and distribute food. The result isn’t just full stomachs, but people working together to transform lives.

No Administrative Costs.

All donations are reinvested in acquiring, storing and transporting food. Summer lunch volunteers even buy their own Twigs t-shirts and pay their own expenses. Each lunch costs about $1.00 and a month’s supply of weekend Pack-a-Sacks costs just $20.